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Wet Strengthened Filter Paper Grade: BIO-91

Grade: BIO-91
Separating Property: PbSO4
Filtration Seconds: > 35 –< 70
Filtration Speed: Medium
Ash Content(%): < 0.13, Pore Size : 10μm, Basis Weight(g/m2): 84, Wet Burst(psi): >=320



Due to the addition of a small amount of chemically stable resin, Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd wet strengthened filter paper is very tough and has a high wet strength. In normal applications, significant impurities are not introduced as a result. However, the resin contains nitrogen, so it should be noted that it cannot be used for Kjeldahl estimations.

Grade 91 is a common wrinkle filter paper. It is widely used in sucrose content analysis of sugarcane and routine sample filtration in pharmaceutical laboratories, and is also used for filtration of the gold cyanide reaction solution and electroplating solution.


Tough enough and high wet strengthened.
No distinct impurities introduced in normal applications.
Welcomed by customers all over the world for its high quality and great performance.


The quality and specification of our filter paper are equivalent to Whatman.
The lowest ashless ensure the result of experiment
Hot-sale product in the market
Easy to use for the pre-cut filter paper


Grade91 is a common wrinkle filter. It is widely used in the analysis of sugarcane’s sucrose content and conventional sample filtration in the laboratory of pharmaceutical factory.

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