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Superior Silica Gel Flash Columns

The Superior Silica Gel Flash Columns made from Hawach Scientific made from imported high purity silica gel sorbents as matrix and with well customer feedback and reorder rate, the packing material makes high column efficiency




Advantage of Superior Silica Gel Flash Columns

Made of medical grade polypropylene material to avoid the dissolution of common polypropylene materials.
ISO certificate, MSDS, COA available
Customized packing and clean package make super clean environment and better shipping cost

Features of Superior Silica Gel Flash Columns

Ultra-pure superior silica gel ( 40-63μm, 60Å )
Column with new cartridge design – Spin welded version for higher pressure (up to 300psi)
Female Luer lock and Male Luer Slip connections
Better cartridge design for bonded material – reusable
More secure for cartridge stacking
Higher pressure rating: up to 300psi


Separation of amount of compounds

Ultra-pure superior silica gel ( 40-63μm, 60Å )

Technical Data

Ordering Information

Ultra-pure superior silica gel_Ordering Information
High-efficiency superior silica gel (25-40μm, 60Å)

Technical Data

High-efficiency superior silica gel

Ordering Information

High-efficiency superior silica gel_Ordering Information
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