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Sterile MCE Syringe Filters

Sterile MCE (Mixed Cellulose Ester) Syringe Filters are an ideal choice for filtration of biological sample solvents. Mixed Cellulose is a hydrophilic membrane offering both low protein binding coefficients and exceptional flow rates


Description of Sterile MCE Syringe Filters

The use of MCE membranes of world-renowned brands’ equivalent quality ensures the stability and safety of raw materials. MCE (Mixed Cellulose) is a filter material for hydrophilic materials in a wide range of applications and analytical and research fields.

Hawach sterile MCE Syringe Filters are hydrophilic and have very low chemical resistance. Sterile MCE Syringe Filters effectively bind trace proteins in all aqueous solutions, and have good solvent resistance. Sterile MCE Syringe Filters high pore ratio leads to a faster flow rate, suitable for water-based samples. 


The unique design allows the filter to have a larger filter area.
Increased flow rate and improved filtration efficiency.
Each filter is individually packaged for ease of use.
Applications of sterile MCE Syringe Filters
Aqueous solution clarification and sterilization
Filtration of air particle and bacteria, alcohol and bacteria.

Technical Data

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Instruction Drawing

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Ordering Information

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