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Standard Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

We have a professional 5μl to 5ml standard single-channel pipette factory which can assure you of high quality.


Description of Standard Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes

In laboratory, the pipette is usually used to transport a small volume of safe liquid. A pipette is composed of a tube for collecting the liquid, and a mechanism to aspirate and dispense the liquid as need. The Hawach standard single channel fixed volume pipette is newly designed for very accurate liquid transferring, and it is easy to use with simple and fast calibration.

The pipette is light weight and ergonomic design, digital volume display. The integrated tip ejector makes the changing of the tips very easy. The plunger reduced the operation force required so to ease the finger fatigue. It’s half autoclavable, and compatible with common standard tips. This one is broadly used in lab and industrial due to its simple design and operation.

Features of Standard Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes

Single channel fixed volume micropipette for handling a measured volume of solvent
Volume ranges available from 5ul to 5ml
Volume digital display for accurate setting and easy identification
ISO 8655 calibration ensures precision and accuracy.
Integral tip ejector for access into narrow tubes
Half autoclavable 121°c for sterilization


Standard Single Channel Fixed Pipettes_Specifications

Ordering Information

Standard Single Channel Fixed Pipettes_Ordering Information
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