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Standard 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes

We have a professional 8 and 12 multi-channel advanced pipettes factory which can assure you of high quality.


Description of Standard 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes

Hawach mechanical standard 8/12 channels adjustable pipettes are as reliable and durable as other Hawach pipettes. There are two series of these standard pipettes: eight channels and twelve channels.
Featuring streamlined design and light weight, Hawach standard 8/12 channels pipette is simple and comfortable to use. The digital display is for easy-read, which also makes it convenient for users to calibrate the pipette at any time.  360° rotating, able to meet the needs of both right and left operators.

Features of Standard 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes

Streamlined design, light weight, simple and comfortable operation.
Digital display window facing the operator, eye-catching, and easy-to-read.
Light weight handle equipped with a low plunger, tip attachment and ejection forces help reduce the finger fatigue while operating.
The pipette’s head can be rotated 360°, adapts to different users’ habits.
The “Immediate Calibration” system without any special tools allows the user to calibrate the pipette at any time.
0.5 to 300μl volume ranges and 0.5μl increment.
8-channel and 12-channel to choose from.
In accordance with ISO 8655 standards, calibrates precisely accurately.
Operational fatigue minimized due to its ergonomics design.
Calibrated to ISO 8655 standards for precision and accuracy
Half autoclavable at 121°c,20 min
Different capacity models are available.


Standard 8 12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes

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