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Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

No.: SLTSF03001
Branch: 3-branch
Funnel Size: 300mL
Funnel: SS316L
Support Screen: SS316L
Screen Pore Size: 100μm
Connection: Stopper SS316L
Flask: 1000mL


Description of Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd provides three branches: stainless steel vacuum filtration, all made of 316L stainless steel. Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations are characterized by acid resistance, alkali resistance, quick filtration, long service life, reasonable structure, easy cleaning, and operation. The branch stainless steel vacuum manifold can filter more samples at the same time and control a single funnel.

Advantage of Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Stainless steel filtration is easy to high-temperature disinfection, high temperature, and corrosion resistance.
High temperature resistant and easy to sterilize at high temperature
3 / 6- branch glass / stainless steel
The working temperature of the stainless steel family – 180°C – 200 °C
Available OEM services are available


membrane diameter 47mm or 50mm
Acid-resistance, alkali resistance and fast filtering speed for 316L version
Can work under 180°C – 200°C high temperature
Recommended with SLVPGM050B vacuum pump


A 3-branch filtration system is suitable for inspection of microorganisms and bacteria in water by inspection institutions, inspection, and quarantine, university research, medical disease control, etc.

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Technical Data

Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations_Technical Data

Ordering Information

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