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Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns

Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%





The Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns from Hawach Scientific with a similar polarity to C18 Flash Columns, made from phenyl functional groups bonded super pure silica gel, the Spherical Phenyl Flash Column has nice separation efficiency on conjugated compounds and plant compounds

Advantage of Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns

Medical grade PP tube provided higher compatibility and column structure with free leakage
Column with the auto packing machine packed silica gel ensures low fine
Multiple sorbent choices for samples of different features
Flash column stationary phase with average pore size offers an excellent flow rate
Neutral surface pH range for wide compatibility


Carefully selected pore size and particle size.
Hawach unique bonding technology, to ensure good reproducibility between batches
Reproducible flash columns from batch to batch
High load capacity of 10% and high recovery rates
Excellent column efficiency from a narrow particle distribution
Separation effect is excellent and with longer column time.
Ultra-pure and high-efficiency bonded silica with Phenyl stationary phase


Ideally used in the varies of material separation

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Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns
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