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Spherical C4 Flash Columns

Pore Size: ​100Å
Particle Size: 20μm-45μm
Carbon Content: 5.8%
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%
Cloumn Specification Surface Area: 320m²/g




Description of Spherical C4 Flash Columns

The flash column with C4 stationary phase is packed with high-quality, ultra-pure, high-efficiency octadecyl bonded silica gel basic. The octadecyl functional groups are with features of moderately hydrophobic and have weak retention for the non-polar compounds

Advantage of Spherical C4 Flash Columns

Low fines and low metal content
Multiple particle sizes for wide application
ISO9001 Approval, MSDS, and COA available
End Fitting prevent the sample from moisture
Highly compatible with all flash chromatography system
Medical grade PP grade cartridge offers high compatibility and flexibility with free leakage
Hi clean PE frit prevents media from leaking and allow mobile phase passes through
Standard Luer-Lock end fittings, chemical inertness increased.
Most of the flash system compatible.


Ultrapure C4 Reverse Phase silica column
Medical grade PP cartridge ensure excellent compatibility
PE frit ensure mobile phase pass through without extractable
Maximum column operating pressure up to 200psi
Wide range pore size and particle size for different applications
Ultra-pure, high-quality, high-efficiency bonded silica with C4 stationary phase
Standard Luer connect with excellent compatibility with preparation system
Low backpressure with 20-45μm silica gel absorption as packing material
C4 reverse phase matrix flash column provides less retention of non-polar compounds than the stationary phase C8 and C18


Can be used in Ion-pairing chromatography
For separation of large bio-molecules

Technical Data

Spherical C4 Flash Columns_Technical Data

Ordering Information

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