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SiO2 HPLC Columns

Column: XChromaTM HPLC Column, SiO2, 5μm, 4.6×250mm
Mobile Phase: Hexane / TFA=997/3
Flow Rate: 2.0mL/min
Detector: 254nm
Temp.: 30°C
Sample: Facade VD2



Description of SiO2 HPLC Columns

Hawach Science Co., Ltd SiO2 high performance liquid chromatography column, B type ultrapure porous spherical silica gel, has the characteristics of low acid and low metal content. It can be used for the separation of highly hydrophilic compounds in reversed phase mode in high organic phase, especially for polar compounds separating SiO2 Columns.


Advantage of SiO2 HPLC Columns

Ultra high purity silica
Proprietary surface modification to ensure less acidic and uniform surface silanol.
Perfect chemical inertness.
Great reproducibility, and precise results guarantee.
During the separation process, the rate and pressure is just as expected.
Without any worries about bad effects raw material silicone may bring.
Separation of the compounds performs well as the interaction surface between the column and silica gel is strong enough.
The column can be used for a long time.
pH ranges widely for you to choose from.
Able to be used with most HPLC instruments

Features of SiO2 HPLC Columns

B super pure and fully porous silica gel
Characterized by low acidity and low metal content
It can be used as a stationary phase of Helic hydrophilic function chromatography.
PH scope of application: 2 ~ 8
High purity and weak acid silica gel
Only a small amount of metal

SiO2 HPLC Columns

Applications of SiO2 HPLC Columns

The product is suitable for separating ionic compounds and ionizable compounds, especially for alkaline compounds.


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