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SCX HPLC Columns

Column: XChromaTM HPLC Column, SCX, 5μm, 4.6×250mm
Mobile Phase: 1.7% NH4H2PO4 solution(pH 3.0, adjust by H3PO4)
Wavelength: 210nm
Temperature: 30°C
Flow Rate: 0.8mL/min



Description of SCX HPLC Columns

The separation of HPLC columns is carried out between the filler and the mobile phase, and the classification of the column depends on the type of filler.
Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd SCX HPLC Column with SCX as its filler, is a typical cationic exchange column based on silicone matrix with aromatic sulfonate as the bonding phase. It is usually used to separate alkaline or soluble compounds. Typical applications are the separation of organic bases, such as basic amino acids, aniline, and medicinal salts.



More uniform aperture for having used the unique silica gel matrix treatment technology.
Excellent end-capping technology, ensures high chemical stability
High purity bare silica manufactured and packed in 100,000 class cleaning room
Organic modifiers such as acetonitrile and methanol can be used together with XB-SCX columns under the constraint of organic/buffer solubility.
It can be controlled by changing pH, ionic strength and organic modifier content.
The applicable range of pH is 2~7.
Negative effect of raw material silicone is minimized.

Features of SCX HPLC Columns

Fast analysis of high column efficiency
PH scope of application: 2.0~7.0
The organic modifier can be used in the SCX column.
The retention time of samples was controlled by changing the content of pH, ionic strength and organic modifier.
Can be applied with most HPLC columns.

SCX HPLC Columns

Applications of SCX HPLC Columns

The separation of alkalescent and water-soluble compounds.
The separation of organic base amino acids, aniline, pharmaceutical salts, inorganic cations and nucleotides can be analyzed.


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