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Reversed Phase C8 SPE Cartridges

Function Group: C8
Particle size: 40-75μm
Pore size: 100Å
pore volume: 0.8cm³/g
Surface area: 480m²/g
Retention Mechanism: Moderate hydrophobic retention with negligible
secondary polar interactions from active silanol groups



Description of Reversed Phase C8 SPE Cartridges

Reversed Phase C8 SPE Cartridges could be used in the biological macromolecules sample, Compared to C18 SPE Cartridge, the C8 cartridge keeps less retentive alternative for Polar or Non-polar compounds. This C8 reversed phase which can offer excellent performance, could be used to extract lipid soluble and water vitamins at the same time from other compounds.

Advantage of Reversed Phase C8 SPE Cartridges

Multi-imported sorbent choices to meet different needs.
Octyl bonded, and end-capping technology applied
Increase the retention of alkaline substances
Suitable for moderately polar compounds
Especially suitable for eluting compounds that are strongly retained on C18
Your package could be customized as you require.


Hawach C8 reversed phase SPE cartridges could be simultaneously extracting liquid soluble and water soluble vitamins from the plasma, pesticides of waste.
Other application: it can be used in biological macromolecule sample desalination.


Extracting Non-polar Compounds


Technical Data

Reversed Phase C8 SPE Cartridges

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