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Reversed Phase C4 HPLC Columns

Column: XChromaTM HPLC Column, C4(300Å),5μm,4.6×250mm
Detection Wavelength: 215nm
Mobile Phase:
A: 0.1% TFA water solution
B: 0.1% trifluoroacetic acid acetonitrile solution
Temperature: 30℃



Description of Reversed Phase C4 HPLC Columns

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd Reversed Phase C4 adopts ultra-pure silica gel as the substrate and carries out a complete double–end bonding process. It has a wide pH range (1.5-10.0).

Reversed Phase C4 HPLC


Excellent double end-capping technology
High purity bare silica packed in 100,000 class cleaning room
Average sample size & pore size make well flow rate
Perfect peak shape& high peak volume
With excellent bonding phase stability
Ultra inertness and high durability
Guaranteed reproducibility
Excellent separation rate and pressure
Reduce the influence of raw material silicone
With excellent separation effect of the compound with strong interaction with silica gel surface
Used with most HPLC instruments (Agilent, Biotage, Grace etc)

Features of Reversed Phase C4 HPLC Columns

Special end cover technology
Elimination of the maximum residual silicon hydroxyl group
Hydrophobic and polar compounds have strong retention ability.
Particle size range: 120 A and 300 A300 A is a reverse phase chromatographic column suitable for protein separation and analysis.

Reversed Phase C4 HPLC Columns

Applications of Reversed Phase C4 HPLC Columns

It can be used for the separation of alkaline and strong polar compounds and has good peak shape.
It has strong polarity and is suitable for separation of conventional C18 materials.


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