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1.QuEChERS Extration kit
2.QuEChERS d-spe kit Hawach QuEChERS products include QuEChERS Kit, QuEChERS Extraction kit, QuEChERS Extraction Salts, QuEChERS Dispersive SPE Kit, QuEChERS Dispersive Absorbent, QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers, the comprehensive type of products can satisfy various customer requirements.



Description of QuEChERS Kits

QuEChERS which means Quick and Easy and Cheap and Effective, Rugged, Safty, is kind of new way to extract. QuEChERS is a way of sample preparation, Our QuEcHERS Kits has different size centrifugal tube and Purification tube and different sorbent package
Widely used for the food industry and Pesticide detecting of the agriculture industry. Hawach Scientific QuEChERS Extraction kit includes Extraction Kit, Extraction Salts, Centrifugal tube and Ceramic Homogenizers. All different type of product can suit for all kinds of customer requirement.

The Advantage of QuEChERS Kits

1: Standard 5-50mg sorbent for each QuEChERS to make sure the quantity is suitable and steady for every product.
2: Five Series package to meets our different customer requirement.
3: 2ml, 15ml,60ml centrifugal tube and aluminum foil bag, coffee
4: ERP system can make every production process is trackable to make sure quality control.
5: 1000 square meters application laboratory, offering full sale and after sale service for product and solution


Great Recoveries for a wide range of pesticides in different wood matrices streamlined with few steps, lower the errors, very safe for analyst the environment and saving money and time

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Ordering Information

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