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Quantitative Filter Paper Grade: BIO-44

Grade: BIO-44
Particle Retention: 3μm
Product Appearance: Good
Filtration Speed: Slow
Ash Content(%): < 0.008
Thickness(mm): 176
Basis Weight(g/m2): 77
Wet Burst(psi): 0.4


Description of quantitative lab filter paper BIO: 44

BIO-44 quantitative filter papers have high-purity and good performance, it is particularly suited for quantitative routine analysis. Regardless of size, the ash content of grade 44 is lower than that of this series of quantitative filter paper. The efficiency of collecting small particles is relatively low, but the flow rate is faster.


All passed the CE and ISO certificate
Small order and free samples can be accepted
Clean workshop production to ensure product quality and test performance
Pre-cut filter paper for your convenience

Features of quantitative lab filter paper BIO: 44

The thin version of Grade 42 intercepts smaller particles, but each sample has a lower ash content and flows almost twice as fast as Grade 42.


Keep very fine particles, meet most of the standard of lab

Grade Comparison

Quantitative Filter Paper Grade BIO-44_Grade Comparison

Guide for Filter Paper


Technical Data

Quantitative Filter Paper Grade BIO-44_Technical Data

Ordering Information

Quantitative Filter Paper Grade BIO-44_Ordering Information
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