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Quantitative Filter Paper Grade: BIO-42

Grade: BIO-42
Particle Retention: 2.5μm
Product Appearance: Coarse
Filtration Speed: Slow
Ash Content(%): <0.008
Thickness(mm): 200
Basis Weight(g/m2): 100
Wet Burst(psi): 0.7



Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd Grade BIO-42 2.5 micron quantitative filter paper, it is a slow speed filter paper with the finest particle in filter paper. We always put the customer first, insist on providing the best service to the customer, make our own contribution to the research of the laboratory, and promote the development of scientific career.

Advantage of Grade BIO-42 2.5 Micron Filter Paper

ISO9001 & CE both accepted
All of common diameter and OEM service accepted
Small order and free samples available
Hot-sales in lab


1. The finest particle retention is the world standard for weight analysis
2. Easy for you to use because of the pre-cut filter paper
3. High purity and performance ensure the accuracy of the experiment
4. All of common size and customize service can be accepted


It is commonly used for the determination of elements in minerals such as barium sulfate, stannic acid, calcium carbonate, and strontium carbonate, as well as for the filtration preparation of filtered gasoline or organic solvent, and for the determination of dibutyltin dilaurate in feed by atomic absorption method (AAS).

Grade Comparison

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Technical Data

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Ordering Information

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