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Quantitative Filter Paper Grade: BIO-40

Grade: BIO-40
Particle Retention: 8.0μm
Product Appearance: Smooth
Filtration Speed: Medium
Ash Content(%): < 0.008 Thickness(mm): 210 Basis Weight(g/m2): 92 Wet Burst(psi): 0.5


Description of 8 Micron Grade BIO 41 Medium Filter Paper

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd Grade BIO-40 high-purity quantitative filter papers are used for quantitative and gravimetric analyses as well as for pressure or vacuum filtration. 8 μm conventional filter paper with medium flow rate and particle retention for specific gravity analysis, solution filtration, and air pollution. High quality cellulose chromatography filter paper also provides OEM Service, small order acceptable.


High purity and good performance ensure the correct result of testing
Full range of diameter and OEM size and types accepted
Whatman equivalent quality and specification but competitive price
It is very convenient for you to use for the pre-cut filter paper
8 micron medium flow filter paper

Features of 8 Micron Grade BIO 41 Medium Filter Paper

1. It’s very pure and suitable for various critical analysis filters.
2. Grey filter paper, medium velocity and particle retention for conventional filtration
3. Medium nominal particle retention with pore size 8μm


It used for specific gravity analysis of cement, soil, and metal.
As the main filter paper used in soil analysis to separate solid matter from water phase extract, In quantitative milk composition analysis, as the pure analysis level before the atomic absorption spectrum.
It is also used for high purity collection of residual elements and radionuclides in the atmosphere, or as impregnated filter paper to collect acidic and alkaline gases in the atmosphere, total arsenic content in food and feed, nitrates in forage grass, oxalic acid in vegetable cans, and boron content in fertilizer.

Grade Comparison

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Technical Data

Quantitative Filter Paper Grade BIO-40_Technical Data

Ordering Information

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