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Qualitative Filter Paper Grade: BIO-4

Grade: BIO-4
Particle Retention: 20μm
Product Appearance: Smooth
Filtration Speed: Fast
Ash Content(%): <0.06
Thickness(mm): 205
Basis Weight(g/m2): 96
Wet Burst(psi): 0.7



It is very suitable for the rapid filtration of conventional biological liquid and organic leach in the analysis. In the air pollution monitoring, the high velocity is only required but the collection of fine particles is not strict.


Hawach filters all acquires the ISO9001 & CE certificates
Full range of common size and provide customized services
All the filter paper produced under the strict sanitary monitoring
Manufactured from alpha-cellulose and high-quality cotton linters
High purity and good performance
Pre-cut qualitative filter paper is convenient for you to use


1.Extremely fast filtration rate, able to capture coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates such as iron hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide
2. Fast retention with pore size 20-25μm
3. Common size and type available, also can customize for people to operate.


It is very suitable for rapid filtration of biological or organic extracts in daily analysis
It is also suitable for the filtration of coarse granules, culture media, and colloidal sediments.

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