PP Syringe Filters

The PP Syringe Filters are a slightly hydrophobic membrane which is resistant to various organic solvents. PP Syringe Filters can be ideally used as a pre-filter or a final filter. PP Syringe Filters low protein binding facilitates protein recovery.



Features of PP Syringe Filters

Extensive chemical compatibility
Hydrophobic PP syringe filter
Negligible protein binding
Luer Lock Inlet Tip makes a secure connection & avoid blowing off

Applications of PP Syringe Filters

Filter aqueous and organic solvents
Ion chromatography
HPLC applications
Total digestion for heavy metals

Chemical Compatibility

Incompatible with: Aromatic and chlorinated solvents; benzene, Hexane, limited resistance to dichloromethane and chloroform.

Technical Data

PP Syringe Filters_Technical Data

Instruction Drawing

syringe-filters-analysis-chart-800x281 (2)

Ordering Information

PP Syringe Filters_Ordering Information
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