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Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges

Our MCX SPE Cartridges have Multiple imported sorbent choice and Core chromatographic packing technology guarantee uniform consistency.



Description of Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges

Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges sorbent has a larger surface area compared with other sorbents, so it has a high ion exchange capacity which can keep alkaline material effectively, at this time the acid resistance is strong, so it has stable pH range about 0-14.

Advantage of Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges

PE made frits to avoid contaminating
All different pH sorbent for your application
imported high-quality sorbent to choose
Standard carbon content
Branded logo and the customized package is available
Medical PP grade cartridge with high chemical compatibility


The MCX SPE Cartridges are mainly used for separation in plastic industry and food industry and biology industry, it can separate the alkali compound from plasma, urine, bile, and tissue homogenate, it also can separate the benzedrine from milk, separate sulfonic acid group from melamine, it is complex separate sorbent for ION exchange, offer the ion exchange and reverse phase.

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