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Polymeric MAX SPE Cartridges

Our MAX SPE cartridges have multiple imported sorbent choice and core chromatographic packing technology guarantee uniform consistency.



Description of Polymeric MAX SPE Cartridges

Hawach Polymeric MAX SPE Cartridges are sorbent which is kind of hybrid separation for strong anion exchange and has kind of hydrophobic effect.

Advantage of Polymeric MAX SPE Cartridges

Multi-imported sorbent choices
Standard carbon content
Customized package option to choose
Perfect sample load and elution volume
Perfect reproducibility and stability
Average pore size & excellent flow rate
Different cartridge volume and style to choose


Max mainly used for the separation and purification of quaternary ammonium salt groups of neutral medium and acidic compounds in alkaline, the pH range is between 1-14, Widely used for purification of serum and urine and as a matrix of acid and neutral of plastics products and food industry.

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