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Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges

Multiple of quality sorbent choices, Hawach HLB SPE cartridge also be featured with guaranteed uniform pore consistency thanks to the core chromatographic packing technology which has been used.



Description of Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges

Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges are kind of universal sorbent. Characterizing hydrophiia, this SPE cartridge allows water to get invaded into reversal sorbent to adjust the balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic, no matter the compound is Acid or Alkaline or Neutral. Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges are very popular sorbent in different compound applications that can satisfy all different SPE needed occasions. Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges have a stronger ability to keep the compound characteristics, thus facilitating the separation of polar and polar materials.

Advantage of Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges

Sorbents vary and are all of imported quality ones.
Quantity ensured due to standard carbon content.
You can personalize your package and brand logo.
Perfect sample load and elution volume.
Perfect reproducibility and chemical stability.
Average pore size and excellent flow rate

Volumes and styles of SPE cartridge differ to meet all predictable testing occasions.


HLB SPE cartridges are used for the separation of the organic substance, something like fat-soluble vitamins, caffeine, dyes, aromatic oil, barbiturates antibiotics, Herbicides, phenols, steroids, drug metabolites, phosphate, the lot of compounds c18 can’t recovery but it has a good performance in HLB SPE.

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Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges
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