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Phenyl HPLC Columns

Column: XChroma HPLC Column, Phenyl, 3μm, 4.6×150mm
Wavelength: 255nm
Mobile Phase: A: 0.2%TFA water solution B: methanol/acetonitrile=60/40
Temperature: 50℃
Flow rate: 1.5mL/min



Description of Phenyl HPLC Columns

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd Phenyl HPLC Column is a matrix of super pure silica gel, and it is bonded to propyl phenyl on the surface of silica gel, and it is processed with a double – end bonding process. The column can be used for separation of polar and aromatic compounds.


Excellent end-capping technology
High purity bare silica packed in 100,000 class cleaning room
Perfect peak shape & high peak volume
Ultra inertness and high durability
Guaranteed reproducibility
Excellent separation rate and pressure
Reduce the influence of raw material silicone
With excellent separation effect of the compound with strong interaction with silica gel surface
The presence of ether bonds can enhance the reaction of conjugated compounds.
Can be used for separation of polar and aromatic compounds
A phenyl column that can be used to match the flow of water
Used with most HPLC instruments (Agilent, Biotage, Grace etc)

Features of Phenyl HPLC Columns

Excellent separability with aromatic compounds and polar compounds.
Granularity: 120 A, 300 A
It can replace most of the phenyl propyl bonded silica gel columns in the market.

Phenyl HPLC Columns

Applications of Phenyl HPLC Columns

1. Analysis of fluconazole nitrate
2. It can be used for the separation and selectivity of aromatic compounds and polar compounds.


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