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PFP HPLC Columns

Column: XChromaTM HPLC Column, NH2, PFP, 5μm, 4.6×250mm
Wavelength: 246nm
Mobile Phase: A: 0.045M ammonium formate 0.005M ammonium acetate/THF=993.231/6.769, B: acetonitrile/THF=963.6/18.2;
%B=31.1(0-15min).44.6(20-25min), 78.4(50-55min)
Temp: 40℃
Flow Rate: 1.1mI/min
Injection Volume: 20μL



Description of PFP HPLC Columns

The fluorinated groups in the PFP stationary phase can provide positional isomers and polar functional group-containing compounds in the halogenated compound providing enhanced retention and selectivity. Robust bonding technology and automated filling procedures ensure excellent reproducibility and longer column life.

Features of PFP HPLC Columns

There is a stronger separation of ion exchange and polarity than alkyl fixation
Can be separated: phenol, aromatic and amine, steroid, taxol natural product separation
Good separation and selectivity for halogen and structure isomers
The alkaline compound can be preserved, which is lower than the hydrophobicity of C18
Can operate in 100% pure water
pH Range: 1.5-10.0


Excellent double end-capping technology
Average sample size & pore size make well flow rate
Perfect peak shape & high peak volume
With excellent bonding phase stability
Ultra inertness and high durability
Guaranteed reproducibility
Excellent separation rate and pressure
Reduce the influence of raw material silicone
Wide range of pH with long service life
Used with most HPLC instruments

Applications of PFP HPLC Columns

Widely used in biopharmaceuticals, geothermal products, and environmental analysis.


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