PES Syringe Filters

Diameter: 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm, 50mm
Pore Size: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 1.0μm
Inlet: Female Luer lock (50mm Diameter Stepped barb)
Outlet: Male Luer Slip (50mm Diameter Stepped barb)
Housing: Medical PP
Pre-filter: 1μm GF or PP
Maximum Pressure: 5.2bar
Operate temperature: 60℃


Description of PES Syringe Filters

Widely used in the laboratory, syringe filter eliminates the need for complicated and time-consuming preparations. As the method of filtering HPLC and GC small sample, syringe filter is also applied for sample pre-filtration and clarification of sterilizing filtration of particles, liquids and gases.

The membrane of PES Syringe Filters is a hydrophilic membrane with low affinity for proteins and low in extractable, higher liquid flow than either PTFE or PVDF. PES Syringe Filters are suitable for pre-filtration and buffer filtration.They have very good effect on the filtration and clarification of samples.


Specially designed to withstand autoclaving at 121 °C, 1 bar, 20 minutes/EO/Gamma.
Medical grade of PP housing, upper and lower parts are ultrasonically welded into one to avoid contaminant to samples.
The syringe filter housing is made of medical grade PP plastic. The non-slip design, high pressure resistance, and there is no leakage of the product.
Equivalent to brands syringe filter products.
0.1um to 10um pore sizes to choose from.
Quality imported membranes to meet your needs.
Available to collocate with various syringes for its universal Luer fitting.

Features of PES Syringe Filters

PES Syringe Filters
Very strong hydrophilicity, narrow pore distribution and precise pore size.
No pollution to samples. fast filtration rate, and good chemical resistance;
Clear has a very good effect.
Very low protein binding and extractable
Standard 1μm pre-filter for optimum performance through particle load analysis

Applications of PES Syringe Filters

Purify and sterilize aqueous solutions and/or biological samples
Protein and enzyme filtration sterilization
IC chromatography
Filter the alcohol solutions, filter the aqueous solutions, and sterilely filter
Cell culture
Tissue culture medium sterilization

Chemical Compatibility

Incompatible with: MEK, Concentrated acids, hexane, THF, halogenated, chloroform, Protein-based samples in aqueous solutions, acetone, DMSO, Ketones, esters, chloromethane, or aromatic hydrocarbons.

Technical Data

PES Syringe Filters_Technical Data

Instruction Drawing

syringe-filters-analysis-chart-800x281 (2)

Ordering Information

PES Syringe Filters_Ordering Information
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