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Hawach has 96 and 394 well plates in skirted and non-skirted plates. Skirted PCR plates always act as the primers of amplification reaction and the bearers of Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTP, template nucleic acid, Mg, buffer… in the PCR experiment.



Introduction of real time PCR plate

Real time PCR plate is a popular laboratory disposable consumable widely used in application related to medicine, genetics, immunity, biochemistry, and other fields for, cloning, nucleic acid sequence analysis, the diagnosis of diseases, or any research with DNA or RNA.

40UL transparent color real-time fluorescent quantitative 384 PCR plate is suitable for most of the commonly used PCR instruments such as ROCHE, Bio-Rad, and Agilent. Ultra-thin wall technology provides an ideal heat conduction effect, promoting the amplification of samples at most.

The convex design of the tapered tube effectively ensures sealing and prevent cross contamination. The 384 PCR plate is also suitable for most automated laboratory instruments, which is an ideal replacement for original PCR plates.

96 pores PCR plate, no hemline

Features of semi skirted PCR plate

1. Real time PCR plate is made of polypropylene, which ensures low liquid loss;
2. Free from DNAse, RNAse, or pyrogen;
3. Surface of 96 well PCR plate is smooth and firm, hard to deform;
4. Black printing mark on 96 well PCR plate is clearly seen and easy to operation;
5. Good stability between pipes and inside pipes of semi skirted PCR plate;
6. Thin transparent real time PCR plate with the good light transmission;
7. Semi skirted PCR plate is more durable and firm than the non-skirted PCR plates;
8. The skirt can also be used to mark and label;
9. The convex pipe opening of skirted PCR plates are designed to prevent liquid pollution between pipes, help strengthen the bonding between pipes and sealing films;
10. For 96 well PCR plate, there are 0.1ml(Max. 150ul) and 0.2ml(Max. 250ul) real time PCR plate to choose;
11. Sterilized semi skirted PCR plate is available for customization;
12. OEM available.

Classification of skirted/non skirted PCR plates

Well quantity 96 well PCR plate/384 PCR plate
Skirt semi skirted PCR plate/non skirted PCR plates/skirted PCR plates
Color White/transparent
Size 40ul/0.1ml/0.2ml real time PCR plate
Black letter With/without

Parameters for PCR plate

Type Item NO. Description pcs/carton Carton G/W (kg) Carton dimension (cm)
96 well PCR plate PCR-02-96-HST 0.2ml 96pores PCR plate, semi-skirt, transparent 50 2 29*26*15
PCR-02-96-T 0.2ml 96pores PCR plate, no-skirt, transparent 50 2 29*26*15
PCR-02-96-W 0.2ml 96pores PCR plate, no-skirt, white 50 2 29*26*15
PCR-01-96-T 0.1ml 96pores PCR plate, no–skirt, transparent 50 1.5 29*26*15
PCR-01-96-W 0.1ml 96pores PCR plate, no–skirt, white 50 1.5 29*26*15
PCR-02-96-HSTP 0.2ml 96pores PCR plate, semi-skirt, transparent, printing 50 2 29*26*15
PCR-02-96-TP 0.2ml 96pores PCR plate, no–skirt, transparent, printing 50 2 29*26*15
384 PCR plate PCRP004T-384 40ul 384pores skirted PCR plates with mark, transparent, Black letter, 10pcs*10boxes/carton 100 3.0 47*29.5*21
PCRP004W-384 40ul 384pores skirted PCR plates with mark, white, Black letter, 10pcs*10boxes/carton 100 3.0 47*29.5*21

Transparent PCR sealing film for real time PCR plate is also available per your request.

96 well pcr plate
PCR factory
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