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Nylon66 (PN) Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridges

Outer Diameter: Φ 69 mm(2.75″)
Inner diameter: Φ 33 mm(1.30″)
Length(based on DOE end cap): 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″
Filtration Area(m²): 0.65 m²/10″
Endotoxin: <0.25 EU/mL
Extractable: ≤30 mg/10″


Description of Nylon66 (PN) Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridges

The entire sealing of the nylon66 (PN) membrane pleated filter cartridges are processed by hot melt welding technology. This process minimizes the degree of oxidation of the filter cartridge and extends the service life of the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge can be cleaned with chemicals. Nylon and polypropylene are two types of membranes used to make filter cartridges that are chemically inert, free from fiber shedding, and bio-safe. The nylon66 (PN) membrane pleated filter cartridges produced by Hawach have a large filter area, high flow velocity, low resistance and long service life.


Adopts a charged Nylon66 membrane and is a composite membrane containing a support body.
It has good mechanical properties and is widely used in high purity water, ultrapure water terminal filtration and partial solvent filtration, etc.
Its production, testing and packaging are done in a clean room to ensure clean filter cartridge.


Naturally hydrophilic Nylon 6,6 membrane for sterile filtration, absolute rating ≥99.99%
Chemical resistant to alkaline solutions and solvents, ideally suitable for sterile filtration of those
Excellent flow rate and cost-effective
Absolute pore size ensures effective filtration.
High non-specific adsorption and low extractables
100% integrity test

Applications of Nylon66 (PN) Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridges

Fine chemicals, especially ketone, ester, ether
Ultrapure water and disk, display, multi silicon process water in Electronics
Beverage industry: filtration of pure water, mineral water, juice, beer and alcohol
Pharmaceutical industry: various solvents and liquid filtration
Electronic Industry: High-Purity Water, Distilled Water, Terminal Filtration



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Ordering Information

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