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Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridges

Function Group: CN
Particle size: 40-75μm
Pore size: 100Å



Description of Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridges

Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridges can be used in normal phase and reversed phase adsorbents, it can extract non-polar acid during the reversed phase, it can extract polar compounds from the non-polar solvent during the normal phase. Usually, Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridges are a weakly retentive, non-polar sorbent used to extract non-polar analytes from aqueous samples.

Advantage of Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridges

Standard carbon content
The wide range of pH for your application
Imported sorbent to ensure meet your application
Different logo and package option to choose
Great sample load and elution volume
Perfect reproducibility and stability
Average pore size & excellent flow rate
All kinds of cartridge volume and style to choose
UHMW-PE made frits
Medical PP grade cartridge with high chemical compatibility


The feature of CN SPE Cartridges
Chemical Description: Cyanopropyl(non-endcapped )
Sorbent: Non-Polar
Particle size: 40-75um
Average Particle size: 50µm
Pore size: 100Å
Surface area: 480 m²/g
Available to adjust the polarity by the proportion
Good compatibility Biological matrix


Drug application which for metabolites in body fluids, such as sterols
Pesticide application and veterinary drug residue in food, dairy products
Analyst oil pollution of environmental samples


Extracting Polar and Apolar Compounds, Enriching Metal Ions


Technical Data

Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridges

Ordering Information

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