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Mixed Mode C8/SCX SPE Cartridges

Mixed Mode C8 SCX SPE Cartridges are kind of mixed-mode sorbent which used for extracting basic compounds, normally it is for drugs and metabolites from physiological fluids.




Great PE made frits avoid pollute
The Wide range of pH for your application
all kinds of imported sorbent to choose for
Standard carbon content
Customized print logo and package is available
Perfect sample load and elution volume
Perfect reproducibility and stability
Average pore size & excellent flow rate
All series of cartridge volume and style to choose
Medical PP level cartridge with wonderful chemical compatibility


Function group: C8/SCX
Particle size: 40-75μm/230-400mesh
pore size: 70 Å

C8 SCX SPE Cartridge

Extracting Basic Drugs in Biological Fluids


Technical Data

Mixed Mode C8 SCX SPE Cartridges

Ordering Information

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