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Mixed Mode C8/SCX SPE Cartridges

Mixed Mode C8 SCX SPE Cartridge is a kind of mixed-mode sorbent for extracting basic compounds, normally it is used for drugs and metabolites from physiological fluids.



Description of C8/SCX mixed mode SPE cartridge

It is well known that SPE cartridges are widely used in many fields such as drug metabolism and kinetics, drug analysis, biological detection, drug and stimulant testing, food safety analysis, environmental analysis, etc. SPE cartridges have various types according to their different bases, but the C8/SCX mixed mode SPE cartridge is the most widely used in all solid phase extraction products. Like C18 in liquid chromatography, the C8/SCX mixed mode SPE cartridge dominates.

Advantage of C8/SCX mixed mode SPE cartridge

Great PE made frits avoids pollute.
pH ranges widely.
All kinds of imported sorbents available.
Personalized print logo and package for you to choose.
All series of cartridge volume and style to choose from.


Function group: C8/SCX
Particle size: 40-75μm/230-400 mesh
pore size: 70 Å


Performs best in the extraction of alkali compound.
Suitable for all small molecule compounds (alkaline, neutral, acidic, and amphoteric compounds) from biological media extraction such as blood samples, urine samples and tissues.
Used for further analysis such as GC-MS or LC-MS/MS.
Applied to the research of pre-clinical drug metabolism, and clinical drug metabolism.

C8 SCX SPE Cartridge

Extracting Basic Drugs in Biological Fluids


Technical Data

Mixed Mode C8 SCX SPE Cartridges

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