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Mixed Mode C8/SAX SPE Cartridges

Function group: C8/strong anion exchange;
Retention Mechanism: reversed phase/anion exchange selectivity



Description of Mixed Mode C8/SAX SPE Cartridge

The functional group of Hawach C8/SAX solid phase extraction columns are mixed SPE Cartridges which consist of proportionally bonded octyl and quaternary amine groups with double retention: octyl provides moderate hydrophobicity and quaternary amine provides strong Anion exchange.
For samples that are over-adsorbed by C18 and C8, and that are too retentive to SAX, the C8/SAX mixed mode extraction column can be used.

Features of Mixed Mode C8/SAX SPE Cartridge

Medium retention capacity to solve the problem that individual target compounds are difficult to elute.
Suitable for the treatment of complex matrix samples such as blood and urine.
Function group: C8/strong anion exchange.
Retention Mechanism: reversed phase/anion exchange selectivity.
Particle size: 40-75μm
Average pore size: 70 Å


Purification of alkaline aqueous solution(anion).
Detection of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids, such as barbiturates, aryl benzoic acids
Detect drug abuse, such as THC

C8 SAX SPE Cartridge

Extracting Acidic Drugs in Biological Fluids


Technical Data

Mixed Mode C8 SAX SPE Cartridges

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