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Microporous Glass Fiber Membrane Filters

Microporous Glass Fiber(GF) membrane filters we have two types, one is equivalent to Whatman GF/C, Microporous glass fiber membrane filter without binder, another one is the domestic type, it is glass fiber with the binder. GF Membrane Filter can be used alone or in conjunction with other membrane filters together, the working function like pre-filter.



Advantage of Microporous Glass Fiber Membrane Filters

Both with the binder and without binder GF membrane filter are available
Small order acceptable

Features of Microporous Glass Fiber Membrane Filters

Hydrophilic membrane filter
Fast flow rates
Can work with most difficult samples with less hand pressure


Commonly used for contaminated samples and can be used as pre-filter to remove large particulates prior to further filtration and highly viscous samples.

Technical Data

Microporous Glass Fiber Membrane Filters_Technical Data

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture


Ordering Information

Microporous Glass Fiber Membrane Filters_Order Information
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