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Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)

Outer Diameter: Φ 63(2.5″)/114(4.5) mm
Inner Diameter: Φ 28 mm (1.10″)
Filtration area(m²): 0.4 /10″
Length(based on DOE end cap) 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″, 50″, 60″
pH: 1-13



Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges are designed with the structure of outer and inner density. The pore diameter gradually decreases from outside to inside. The filter cartridge has a large area of effective filtration, high dirt absorption capacity, long service life and low price.


Made in cleaning room
Under ISO 9001 standard quality system
Micron Rating: 1.0um-150.0um
Large filter area
High dirty hold capacity
High-cost performance
High Particle retention efficiency
Longer service life

Features of Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges

100% high purity polypropylene (melt blown), no adhesives
Multi-layer filter
Resistance to acid and alkali
Big flux


Pre-filtration in process water treatment
Pharmaceutical water filtration



Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)_Specifications

Ordering Information

Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)_Ordering Information
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