MCE Syringe Filters

The Hawach membrane of MCE syringe filters is the biologically inert mixture of CA and CN membranes that have a higher protein binding than CA for most proteins. MCE Syringe Filters high porosity makes it flows faster. MCE syringe filters suitable for aqueous based samples.



Hydrophilic syringe filter
Lower chemical resistance
Very low protein binding
Great water flux and better cutoff results
Luer Lock Inlet Tip makes secures connections & avoid blow off
Standard 1μm pre-filter for optimum performance though particle load analysis


Use for clarification and filtration of aqueous solutions
Gas particulate and bacteria filtration
Alcohol particulate and bacteria filtration
Oil particulate and bacteria filtration
Other solvent particles and bacteria filtration with easy post filtration inspection

Chemical Compatibility

Compatible with: Ethanol, 70%, Phosphoric, 25%, Nitric, 25%
Incompatible with: oxides-ethers, acids, solvents with nitrogen, esters, ketones, bases etc.

Technical Data

MCE Syringe Filters_Technical Data

Instruction Drawing

syringe-filters-analysis-chart-800x281 (2)

Ordering Information

MCE Syringe Filters_Ordering Information
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