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Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges

Mechanism of action: SCX
Particle size: 40-75μm
Functional group: sulfo group
Carbon content: 9%
Surface area: 480-530 m²/g
Average pore size: 70Å



Description of Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges

Bond Elut SCX is a very low cation exchanger carrying very low pKa. Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges are sorbent of propyl sulfonic acid bonded, Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges are used for separation of basic compounds from particle aqueous, It can keep the permanent negative charge in the range of pH. Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges from Hawach Scientific can remove the charge of the analytic sample from SCX. So, this sorbent is not good to extract strong alkali.

Advantage of Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges

Very low pKa ligands interact strongly with analytes
Excellent purification with an adsorbent.
A wide range of PH to choose from.
Imported sorbents vary to meet your needs.
Standard carbon content guaranteed. 
Personalize package and your brand logo.
All kinds of cartridge volumes and styles, available for your different applications.
Medical PP Material cartridge with Great chemical compatibility


Mainly used for the extraction of weak anionic compounds, such as carboxylic acids, to extract negatively charged compounds from water and non-aqueous solutions, most suitable for the extraction of weak acids, cationic and non-polar compounds.

SCX SPE Cartridge

Extracting Basic Compounds


Technical Data

Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges

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