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Ion-Exchange PRS SPE Cartridges

Ion-Exchange PRS SPE Cartridge is a big cation exchange sorbent with great retention for basic compounds. As an intensity of cation exchange cartridge, it is really suitable for weak cation like pyridine compounds which could get high recovery rate. And it is an alternative to SCX if non-polar compounds sample can’t remove by using the latter.



Advantage of Ion-Exchange PRS SPE Cartridges

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Great Recoveries for Pyridine compounds.
Easy retention mechanism, there are non-polar interactions.
Different cartridge volume and style to choose from.
Core chromatographic packing technology guaranteed.
Great uniform & consistency.

Features of Ion-Exchange PRS SPE Cartridges

A strong cation exchange extraction column based on silica gel. The bonding functional group is propyl sulfonic acid, and the acidity is slightly lower than SCX (benzenesulfonic acid).
Used for extracting weak cations such as pyridine, etc., with high recovery rate;
Widely used for sample preparation of malachite green.


Testing of Drugs and metabolites in Bio-fluids
Testing of basic pollutants such lie malachite green, methylene blue and gentian violet

PRS SPE Cartridge

Extracting Weak Bases in Biological Fluids


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Ion-Exchange PRS SPE Cartridges
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