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Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filters

Hawach has special PTFE membrane filters, for the other brands they are all Hydrophobic, but we do have hydrophilic PTFE membrane filters, high performance with aqueous solutions. Hydrophilic PTFE membrane filters are most strong membrane filters for strong acid, alcohol and so on. Full range of products are available, diameters and pore size can be customized, OEM services are available.



Features of Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filters

Strong hydrophilicity and hydrophilic stability
Don’t need to be pre-wetted when used
Good anti-pollution properties
Good chemical compatibility, strong acid, and alkali resistance.
Available in both sterile and non-sterile membrane filters.
Roll type and round disc type filters.

Applications of Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filters

Filtration of aggressive organic or strong acid solutions, alcohols, bases, aromatics.
Filtration of high viscosity liquid, ultrapure water, and deionized water.

Technical Data

Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filters_Technical Data

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture


Ordering Information

Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filters_Ordering Information
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