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HILIC Amide HPLC Columns

Column: XChromaTM HPLC Column, HILIC Amide 4.6 ×250 mm, 5µm
Mobile Phase: ACN: water =70:30
Detector: RID (40°C)
Temperature: 40°C
Flow Rate: 1.0ml/min
Injection Volume: 20μl



Description of HILIC Amide HPLC Columns

The Hilic Amide HPLC Column of Hawach Science Co., Ltd. is an amidic water affinity chromatography column based on super pure silica gel. It is one of the most commonly used Hilic chromatographic columns and has good hydrophilic property through special surface modification technology. It has good stability and longer life than the amino column. The column chromatography with controlled chemical technology ensures good repeatability of the filler between batches.

Advantage of HILIC Amide HPLC Columns

Excellent double end-capping technology
Average sample size & pore size make well flow rate
Perfect peak shape & high peak volume
With excellent bonding phase stability
Ultra inertness and high durability
Guaranteed reproducibility
Excellent separation rate and pressure
Reduce the influence of raw material silicone
With excellent separation effect of the compound with strong interaction with silica gel surface
Used with most HPLC instruments (Agilent, Biotage, Grace etc)
Features of HILIC Amide HPLC Columns

Analysis of LC/MS for water-soluble polar compounds
As a hydrophobic analysis column
Hydrophilic polymers cover the surface of silica gel
High – polar and hydrophilic compounds

Applications of HILIC Amide HPLC Columns

Widely used in peptide, nucleotide, glycoside, hydrophobic drug analysis


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