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Glass Fiber Syringe Filters

Glass Fiber Syringe Filters have GF membrane which has excellent compatibility with organic solvents and strong acids (except hydrofluoric acid) and bases. Membranes made of this material are widely used in various fields due to their advantages of superior heat, acid and corrosion resistance, good light transmission, soft texture and easy processing into membrane modules.



Hawach glass fiber syringe filters own 1.2-micron spherical particles with a retention efficiency of 98%. They are also used as a pre-filter for microbiological filtering.

Features of Glass Fiber Syringe Filters

Hydrophilic GF membrane
High flow rate
100% Borosilicate glass
Luer lock inlet Tip makes sure secure connection and avoids filter blow off

Applications of Glass Fiber Syringe Filters

Filtration of aqueous and organic solutions
Rapid pre-filtration of high particle loaded samples
Pre-filtering small volume liquids to avoid saturation of small-porosity membranes
Fuel hydraulic fluids and machined parts
Pre-filtering of suspensions

Chemical Compatibility

Incompatible with: NaOH and KOH solutions, Limited resistance with ammonia, Benzyl alcohol

Technical Data

Glass Fiber Syringe Filters_Technical Data

Instruction Drawing

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Ordering Information

Glass Fiber Syringe Filters_Ordering Information
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