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Empty Flash Columns

Empty Flash Column
Weight: 4g, 12g , 25g, 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 220g, 330g
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Length: 115.1, 137.8, 188.2, 188.7, 173.3, 263.5, 146.6, 277.7, 218.5, 271.6




Description of Empty Flash Columns

Empty Flash Columns from Hawach Scientific allows the end-user to add their own sorbet according to a different application. Our Empty Flash Columns(Empty solid load cartridge with the screw cap, frits, tips, and O-ring, and end tips and disbursing unit for column larger than 40g ), we provide users convenience for themselves manual assembly for a flexible sample loading method: solid load or their direct liquid injection. The standard Luer-lock end fittings are the idea for quick and easy connection to most of the flash system such as Biotage, Yamazen

Advantage of Empty Flash Columns

Empty flash column for the customized column by users packing material
Meet a variety of needs for specific purifications
The wide range of specifications for different purifications needs satisfying
Standard Luer connection for the easier match to the flash system


Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Customized Color for top screw cap for flash column
Cartridge with the maximum operating pressure up to 200 psi
Clean column and clean packing and excellent column pressure
The frits for the column from 4g to 40g with the pore size of 16~20um
Only for the bigger column of  80g~330g, the pore size is bigger as 20~25um
Medical PP cartridge tube makes no extractable and wide compatibility
Innovative flash column design be convenient for manual assembly and stacking
Column Length: 115.1, 137.8, 188.2, 188.7, 173.3, 263.5, 146.6, 277.7, 218.5, 271.6
Disbursing unit available for column lager than 40g to ensure better flow rate and leakage free
Size available in 4g, 12, 25g, 40g, 80g, 120g, 220g, 330g, etc can meet most customers need


Be used as solid load cartridge for flash chromatography

Technical Data


Ordering Information

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