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Electronic Bottle-Top Dispensers

Volume range : 0.1~99.9mL, Max piston lift is 10mL, resolution is 100μL
Volume accuracy : Dispenser: R = 10mL ±30μL; CV = 10ml ±10μL
Stepper: R = 1ml ±6μL; CV = 1ML ±9μL
Operating temperature range : 10oC~30oC
Quality control : DIN EN ISO 8655
Control type : External control


Description of Electronic Bottle-Top Dispensers

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd. electronic bottle top dispenser can make the distribution process more accurate, because it can effectively reduce the human factors in the separation process.

Features of Electronic Bottle-Top Dispensers

Reduction of repeated strain damage by electronic control
Operation grip minimization
The electronic control system makes the batching process more stable and reliable.
Liquid crystal display makes dispensers more convenient and more humane.
Two modes of operation are supported: distributor and stepper
Note: the bottles are sold separately

Application of Electronic Bottle-Top Dispensers

It is used in organic synthesis and petrochemical laboratory, especially for the removal of high viscosity, high density, and high volatile solutions in the petrochemical industry.


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Ordering Information

Electronic Bottle-Top Dispensers_Ordering Information
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