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Echroma Series C8/C18 Standard HPLC Columns

Combination of perfect peak shape and lower back pressure
1. Perfect peak shape and low back pressure
2. Ultra high purity (>99.999%) Type B full porous spherical silica
3. New bonding and end-capping technique
4. Economical price



Description of  C8/C18 Reverse HPLC Columns

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd EChroma HPLC Columns with type B ultra-high purity full porous spherical silica gel (purity > 99.999%) as the matrix, have the extremely good peak shape and the economy of low-pressure chroma to the graphic column. The packing is the sorbent with C18 and C8.

Features of  C8/C18 Reverse HPLC Columns

Unique fixed phase bonding technology, double – end technology
Super high purity all-porous silica gel, pure > 99.99% purity
The perfect combination of peak shape and the lowest back pressure
The combination of the perfect peak and the lowest back pressure
pH Range: 1.5-10.0


Excellent double end-capping technology
Average sample size & pore size make well flow rate
Perfect peak shape & high peak volume
With excellent bonding phase stability
Ultra inertness and high durability
Guaranteed reproducibility
Excellent separation rate and pressure
Reduce the influence of raw material silicone
Wide range of pH with long service life
Used with most HPLC instruments

Applications of  C8/C18 Reverse HPLC Columns

Used to test vitamin B1 related substances and contents


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Echroma Series C8C18 Standard HPLC Columns
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