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Crimp Top Sample Vials

Top : Crimp Top Vials
Caliber : 11 mm
Volume : 2 ml
Color : Clear & Amber
Scale : 12 x 32 mm



Description of Crimp Top Sample Vials

The crimp cap of crimp top sample vials provides a larger target area to improve the accuracy of the autosampler needle. Crimp top sample vials use certified crimp caps with PTFE/silicone septa to ensure your autosampler operates seamlessly. The crimp cap of crimp top sample vials is guaranteed to work with your device to reduce autosampler malfunction and contamination. Crimp caps provide the tightest seal, reducing the possibility of sample evaporation. All of Hawach vials have super cleanliness and good chemical compatibility and are excellently fitted for autosamplers, OEM service is available.


PTFE/silicone septa to ensure seamless operation of autosampler.
Manufactured from USP1 and Borosilicate glass.
Various autosampler compatible.
Vials’ height, diameter, bottom, thick and neck/thread are all made in quality.
Batches quality guaranteed.
Crimp caps provides a tight seal to reduce the possibility of sample evaporation.


A unique box is designed as the package to avoid sample bottle damage.
Tightly controlled crown to improve crimping.
The vial’s neck is precisely molded to improve the autosampler processing.
Dimensional consistency from batch to batch is provided for the strict quality assurance.
Ceramic write-on spots with fill marks are available.
Optional ceramic write-on spot with fill marks
Certified for full warranted compatibility with autosampler


The main application in the automatic sampling device, storage samples, pharmaceutical factory


Technical Data

Crimp Top Sample Vials_Technical Data

Ordering Information

Crimp Top Sample Vials_Ordering Information
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