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C8-Universal HPLC Columns

Column: XChroma HPLC Column, C8-Universal, 3μm, 4.6×150
Wavelength: 220nm
Mobile Phase: acetonitrile/water=30/70
Temp.: Ambient
Flow Rate: 1.0mL/min
Injection Volume: 5μL



Description of C8 Universal HPLC Columns

C8-Universal HPLC Column from Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd adopted ultra-pure silica gel substrate, and the fully double end-capped bonding process. It has a slightly less selectivity and retention capability than C18-Universal HPLC Column, so as to be recommended for the separation of strong hydrophobic compounds and used in LC/MS instruments. Analysis under the same HPLC conditions, C8-universal requires to shorten analysis time than C18-universal when it was separated from neutral or other compounds which retention capacity is strong.



Column selectivity choices for method development optimization
Excellent peak shape for acidic, basic, and neutral compounds based samples
High column performance within a wide pH range durability
The extra dense bonding and double end-capping technique makes longer lifetime

C8 Universal HPLC Columns

Features of C8 Universal HPLC Columns

Less retentive than C18 HPLC Column
Time saving for separation of highly retained and neutral compounds
less analysis time required by C8-universal than C18-universal
Useful for compounds which are too strongly retained on C18 stationary phase
C8 Universal offers alternative selectivity than C18-Universal HPLC Column for analysis of polar compounds


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