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C8 Low pH HPLC Columns

Column: XChroma HPLC Column, C8-Low PH, 5μm, 4.6×250mm
Mobile Phase: A: 1.0mL TcMB, dulite in 1000mL water B:acetonitrile
Wavelength: 285nm
Temperature: 40°C
Flow Rate: 1mL / min
Injection Volume: 20μL
Notes: After every injection, need 10 column volume to get gradient equilibrium



Description of C8 low pH HPLC columns

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd C8-Low pH HPLC Columns in the acidic conditions of the mobile phase have a good separation performance, stability, and longer service life. It is suitable for the separation of polarizable and objects at extremely low pH to medium pH, the pH range is 0.5-8.0.


C8-Low pH Ultra-pure all-porous silica gel, pure >99.999%
Resistant 100% aqueous phase
The C8 column has better retention capability for substances with higher polarity than C18, but does not retain as well as C18 for substances with small polarity.
Compared with C18-Low pH a slightly smaller selective provision of 300A aperture to meet large molecular biological separation needs.
Unique fixed phase bonding.
pH Range: 1.0-8.0
Particle size: 120 A, 300A for choice

Advantages of C8 low pH HPLC columns

The analysis of strong hydrophobic compounds is faster than the C18 column.
Good stability and low loss for LC-MS analysis.
Good peak shape can be obtained by analyzing both basic and acidic compounds.
Compatible with a low organic solvent / high water content mobile phase.
Ideal for fatty acids that are not suitable for analysis with the C18 column because of their high hydrophobicity.
Faster compounds elution reducing due to reduced hydrophobic interactions.

Applications of C8 low pH HPLC columns

Used for the determination of polypeptide and protein separation in acidic conditions


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C8 Low pH HPLC Columns
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