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C18-Universal HPLC Columns

Column: XChroma HPLC Column, C18-Universal, 5μm, 4.6×250mm
Mobile Phase: (D-Phenylalanine(PHE) 1.32g, CuSO4 1.00g to 1000mL water, adjust pH=3.50 with NaOH)/methanol=82/18
Wavelength: 293nm
Temp.: 35°C
Flow Rate: 1.0mL/min



Descriptions of C18 Universal HPLC Columns

C18-Universal is currently one of the most commonly used columns on the global market. C18-Universal has high theoretical plates and column peak capacity, so it’s especially suitable for the analysis of complex samples.
It can substitute most of the current C18 columns such as below:

C18 Universal HPLC Columns


Easy to develop or improve your HPLC method
Column Quality and reproducibility is stable from lot-to-lot
Column performance is excellent due to exceptionally rugged USP phases
Column peak shape and reproducibility are superior from batch to batch.
Average particle size pore size makes better flow rate


Features of C18 Universal HPLC Columns

low column pressure for a longer lifetime
Mostly used and hot sale column type
A kind of universal used C18 HPLC Analytical Column

C18 Universal HPLC Columns


Mostly used in separation of traditional Chinese medicine, chemical drug
Separation of environmental and food safety testing industries
Separation of Aflatoxin and Prednisone Acetate
Separation of basic compound antidepressant at neutral pH range


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