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C1 HPLC Columns

1. Suitable for hydrophilic, strong polarity and other samples which are hard to be separated on reversed-phase and normal-phase columns.
2. Reversed-phase mode can be used for separation of hydrophobic peptide and protein
3. Normal-phase mode can be used for separation of high polar compounds



Description of C1 HPLC Columns

C1 HPLC Columns(Trimethylsilyl silane bonded column) produced by the matrix from ultrapure silica based packing materials under auto packing techniques and with column features of higher column efficiency. The C1 bonding type is stable down to pH 1.5 and the inner packing sorbents available in pore size of 120 Å with 5 µm particle sizes


Excellency pH stability
Super pure silica gel was used as the matrix ensured stable quality
Excellent separation efficiency for polar compounds samples
Perfect peak shape and column retention for polar compounds
Excellent peak symmetry and efficiency for basic compounds compared to the non-end-capped columns

Features C1 HPLC Columns

Special advantage as reversed phase to do hydrophobic peptide and protein samples separation
Special advantage as reversed phase normal-phase mode with the function of separation for high polar compounds
Special advantage for separation of compounds with strong polarity, hydrophilic, or samples which difficult to separate by generally normal phase HPLC columns
Reversed Phase and analytical format HPLC Column
The special optimal choice for non-polar solutes Separation
Better column efficiency and tailing provided
Perfect separation efficiency provided with different dimensions

C1 HPLC Columns


Separation of proteins samples and hydrophobic polypeptide in reverse phase
High polar compounds separation in normal phase

Ordering Information

C1 HPLC Columns-Ordering Information
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