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BJTI Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housings

Designed pressure: 6.0 bar(87 psi) with in 30 mins
Max. operating pressure: 5.0 bar(72.5 psi)
Max. operating temperature: 180 ℃
Ti filter cartridge Micron: 0.45 μm-50 μm, OD=60 mm




Hawach Scientific BJTI Titanium Alloy cartridge filter housings are used for filtering liquid materials in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, microelectronics and other industries. The filter can be used for the upper shell opening. The lower shell opening, the upper and lower shell opening, etc. The disc can be fixed or disassembled.

Advantage of Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housings

Made in the 100,000-grade cleaning room
Corresponds to GMP series design. 
In accordance with ISO 9001 standard quality system.
Two materials available: SUS304 and SUS316L.


High temperature resistant
Crush resistance
Strong chemical resistance, resistant to acid and alkali
Wide chemical compatibility
Convenient installation
Easy to clean

Applications of Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housings

Decarburization filtration
Steam/gas filtration
Ozone is filtered after sterilization

Technical Data

BJTI Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housings_Technical Data


BJTI Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housings_Specifications

Ordering Information

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