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BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings

esigned pressure: 9.6 bar(136psi) within 30 mins
Max. operating pressure: 6.0 bar(87psi)
Max. Temperature: 105 ℃ (design 140 ℃)
Surface finish: Polished, Ra≤0.2μm




Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd BJQ series gas filter housings are specially used for gas sterilization filtration and is an ideal filtration equipment for food and pharmaceutical industries. Its characteristics makes it possible to be equipped with different filter cartridges as required.


High chemical stability, able to be used in strong acid and alkaline samples.
Workable at high pressure and temperature.
Wide application, can be used in the filtration of biomedicine, food beverage, electron, water purification, etc.

Features of BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings

Meet the GMP Requirements
Electropolished, smooth and hygienic design by avoiding dead space
Easy management of condensate
Complete Stainless Steel Structure
Made of 100% 304 or 316L stainless steel of the highest quality
Easy To Install Design, Easy to Clean
Available in tri-clamp or flanged connections

Applications of BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings

Pharmaceutical industry
Food and beverage industry
Water treatment industry

Technical Data

BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings_Technical Data


BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings_Specifications

Ordering Information

BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings_Ordering Information
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