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Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

Hawach has a professional advanced plus fully autoclavable single-channel pipette factory which can assure you of high quality.


Description of Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd advanced fully autoclave single-channel fixed pipettes cover twelve ranges which are 5μl, 10μl, 20μl, 25μl, 50μl, 100μl, 200μl, 250μl, 500μl, 1000μl, 2000μl, 5000μl.

Features of Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience
Easy to read by Digital display
The pipettes cover the volume range from 5μL to 5mL
Easy calibration and maintenance
Manufactured from innovative materials
Each pipette supplied with an individual calibration certificate according to ISO8655


New materials are used.
Use of High temperature and pressure resistant structure
Lightweight, ergonomic, low force design
The components are removable and easy to maintain
121°C fully Autoclave

Applications of Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

Various protein assays
Molecular biology
Physiology and chemistry laboratories


Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes_Specifications

Ordering Information

Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes_Ordering Information
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