Flash Columns

Flash Column is a general consumable for flash chromatography method analysis, the flash chromatographic method commonly is used for isolation of a single chemical compound from mixed samples.
Hawach Scientific special produced high purity stationary phased packed flash column with the full range of size supplied to global users. The column cartridge made from medical grade virgin PP material and PE frits. Column available in prepacked and empty flash column(solid sample load cartridge).
Hawach Scientific offers excellent separation performance flash columns for compounds analysis of a varies of properties from hydrophilic to hydrophobic: polar, semi-polar and non-polar compounds. The stationary phase available in Standard Silica gel, Superior Silica gel, Spherical C18, Irregular C18, Spherical NH2, Spherical C4, Spherical C8, Spherical CN, Spherical HILIC, Neutral Alumina, Spherical Phenyl, Spherical SAX, Spherical SCX, Spherical C8, Spherical Diol etc.