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Problems With Long-Term Use Of C18 HPLC Columns

C18 HPLC columns can separate a variety of compounds and are most suitable for analyzing polar samples or sample of ion inhibition, which have the features of good universality, strong retention and widely used.

The packing of C18 HPLC columns has an important influence on chromatographic behavior, whose main properties include: particle size, pore size, pore volume, bonding phase chemistry, carbon content, and alkylation treatment.

The specification of C18 HPLC columns directly affects the analysis speed, separation ability, detection ability and solvent consumption for each analysis, which includes the inside diameter of the column and the length of the column.

When C18 HPLC columns are used for a long time,
i. the column pressure may be increased;
ii. the separation degree is not good;
iii. column efficiency is reduced;
iv. peak shape is not good, and so on.

According to the failure of the chromatographic column, plugging and regeneration, to extend the service life of the chromatographic column.

Special remind of C18 HPLC columns
When regeneration, it is best to choose an independent pumping system chromatographic instrument without on-line degassing, to prevent the positive solvent damage degassing machine seal film or molecular sieve and other precision parts.

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